About me

Since my early years, I have always been passionate about technology, and curious about how things works. Year by year I have been learning everything I need in order to be self-sufficient with my passion.

Discovering how computer hardware works was the first step (completed with the assembling of my first desktop pc). Then, in high school, I discovered the programming world: first with basic HTML, then I expanded my IT background over the years until I was able to create full web sites, for me or for my friends or clients.

From 2011 to 2015 I was part of an indie team based in Bologna, Italy (Black Raven) that developed apps and programs for Apple and PC. I was in charge of the design and the development of the website and of every methods of database connection of the apps. As a secondary role, I also worked as 3D modeller.
The years spent as part of this team enhanced my programming knowledge and made me learn the dynamics of working as part of a team. It is thanks to this experience that I have become the programmer that I am now.

After working a few side jobs outside the IT world, in May 2015 I've got the chance to work in a web agency (Magic) where I was trained about how companies develop websites and e-commerce platforms. Over these three years, I was able to build upon and expand my knowledge of WordPress, as well as discovering Drupal and Magento.

I strongly believe that Drupal (especially with the 8th version) is a complete solution for developing websites and web apps, because it's not only a CMS but an all around framework. For this reason, after understanding it's logic, I believe it is possible to achieve a great variety of goals and objectives.

Because of this I'm starting to create my personal version of meta tag and sitemap modules, you can see my progress on my GitHub profile


Personal roadmap in order to achieve more knowledge as a self-taught programmer:

  • learning Laravel and get better knowledge of MVC architecture
  • learning Git and SASS
  • creating of personal version of big Drupal 8 modules (in progress)
PHP Developer
Purr Group - London, UK
Freelance Web Developer
Piero Nanni - London, UK and Bologna, Italy

In my personal free time I like creating websites for people who need them (at the moment mainly friends):

  • Sara Anna Nadalini (WordPress, personal portfolio with responsive iframe video in homepage and custom shortcode for showing posts)
  • La Buona Bottega (Drupal 8, e-commerce based on Ubercart and Bootstrap)
  • Animazione le Piccole Pesti (WordPress, basic free theme with custom footer)
  • Andrea Nadalini (Drupal 8, personal portfolio with isotope integration and Bootstrap theme, work in progress)

I love experimenting and creating new useful stuff that allows me to collect together my projects, tools and ideas:

Although the big Drupal modules are fine pieces of art, they lack of some useful features so I'm starting creating my personal version:

Web Developer
Magic - Bologna, Italy

Web Developer @ Magic (Bologna, Italy), with the task of developing websites and e-commerce platforms with WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

Over three years (for two of them I was the only developer) I learnt about how to build websites from graphical ideas, publishing them with WHM and cPanel, keeping them updated and optimizing them with SEO (thanks to Visual SEO Studio and Screaming Frog) and lots of useful tweaks.

Drupal 8:

Drupal 7:

  • Magic (the web agency website; I made it faster and lighter than it was before)
  • OkBedAndBreakfast (three-year internal project; My best Drupal 7 work in terms of customization)
  • Montieco (Bootstrap custom theme with a Drupal based URM)
  • Edilforme (Bootstrap custom theme with advanced back-office functions)
  • Arredart (ajax calls with optimized queries in order to load the stands)
  • Bed&Breakfast Farinelli (converted to a responsive theme)


  • Particomuni (custom template for the homepage and news responsive slider)
  • Mira SRL (first WordPress project in this web agency, mainly based on image galleries)
  • Dott. Piero Notarrigo (converted to a responsive theme)
  • 1stonthenet (add of newsletter page and popup and better seo optimization for categories)
  • Centro Carrelli (custom product's page with slider and custom fields)
  • MB Autoatrezzature (few design adjustments after installing a bought theme)
  • New York International School (seo optimization)
  • Siua (all the events are saved with the eventsON plugin; I made custom shortcodes in order to display all the events with custom HTML structure and style)


  • Espositori Pubblicitari (I made it responsive and added structured data for products and news)
  • Plexi Arredo (integration of Google Shopping, add of product's structured data; css and js compression)
Web Programmer and 3D modeler
BlackRaven - Bologna, Italy

BlackRaven was a small indie software house formed by a group of close friends with the same passion about videogames. We were active from 2011 to 2015 and over this period we developed and published some apps for iOS devices as well as a few pc games. You can see the full list here.

My first role was web programmer, so I created and mantained the main web site build in WordPress. Furthermore, when an app needed to dialogue with a database, I would create all the php pages in order to save and load data.
To cover for one of the vacancies in our team, I also learnt basic 3D modelling using programs like Milkshape and 3ds Max, you can see some of the models I created such as furnitures in this video